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14 May 2020

Summer Business Academy MiniBoss Online!

Do you think what to do with your child on vacation?
We offer the most useful solution!
The child plays in business and learns life

Where: is the MINIBOSS Summer Business Academy ⠀
When: May 20, 25, 30
How: online - there is access, wherever you live!

For kids and teens aged 6-14! 

In a programme:
  • The basics of entrepreneurship
  • Creative thinking
  • Practice in startuping
  • Learning with games and fun exercises
  • Learning the innovative thinking
  • Creative solutions to creative challenges
  • Participation in the Startup World Cup Championship!
Give your child a successful future!

18 March 2020

Official message of MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL about activities during the coronavirus pandemic

Dear Clients, Dear partners,

International Education Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS is following carefully the decisions of the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning the «Coronavirus» situation, and pays extremely attention to the health and well being of all its employees and customers.

Thanks to our solid infrastructure and our experimented IT team, we were able to setup a new organisation within the International Education Network in order to ensure the total continuity of our services.

All our classes will be held continuously online for the duration of the epidemic.

We thank you for your confidence and wish you a good health.


Helpful information:

11 March 2020

How to work on your creative skills to stay competitive, according to a former Disney exec

Creativity might seem like a talent that you either have (or don’t have), but the truth is, at the ages of 4 or 5, virtually every child qualifies as a “creative genius.” You see, as children, we were all naturally intuitive, curious, and free of mental inhibition. Yet by adulthood, only 2% of us retain that mental power.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Not only that, but we can’t afford for the trend to continue. We’re living in a world of artificial intelligence, and experts predict that nearly half of the jobs are at high risk of automation in the following decades. But no robot will be able to compete with human intuition and ingenuity anytime soon. That’s why it’s more important than ever to strengthen the skills we can’t replicate using neural networks like creativity, imagination, curiosity, and intuition.

Although our creativity atrophies as we age and navigate educational systems and corporate cultures, it’s a muscle we can exercise and strengthen. I’ve spent my career—including my role as head of innovation and creativity at Disney—building a tool kit for innovation and helping other people use those tools to develop creative solutions.

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your creative skills to solve problems and stay competitive, start with these methods below.



Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms